Building structure


The apartment building was built in 1874-75 in an eclectic style based on architect Adolf Feszty plans.

The U-shape courtyard apartaments building which is the subject of this project has basement + groundfloor + 3 floors.

In the building's basement storage facilities are located, on the ground floor facing street shops are located, restaurants are operating and in the other areas of ground floor and on the other 3 floors, totally 17 flats can be found.

The main entrance located on the central axis is leading to the inner courtyard, the main staircase is located in one of the wing of the building while in the opposite courtyard wing corner a spiral staircase could be found,, which alone serve the basement also.

In the actual roof space, matching the environment, 7 new flats are planned.

During the construction of the attic, the street and courtyard facades of the house, as well as the main staircase, the inner courtyard and the gates, will be renewed.

IV. floor

In the street wing, one flat of of one-storey and 3 flats of two-storey were designed, flats which can be reached through the open glassroof corridor, via the expanded main staircase or via the new elevator.

On the first floor of the two-story flat - the arrival area, guest toilet and kitchen -dining-livingroom features are placed, while through the interior stairs can be reached the areas of bedrooms and baths placed on the upper floor.

V. floor

The 4 flats attic levels can be found here- the bedrooms areas, as well as the entrance/ first level of the flat no. 7.

VI. floor

Because of the Veres Pálné no. 3 building common wall and the neighbor building increased ridge height was made possible the implementing of no. 7 flat second level, level placed on the reduced floor area of the 6th floor of the building, level where an open terrace, a gallery, a bedroom and a bathroom area were designed.

Structural design

Over the existing bartender beam structural slab is built a a completely independent reinforced concrete slab.

The load-bearing structure of the planned residential levels monolithic, coffin structure, which load-bear the burden of load-bearing masonry.

Load-bearing structure

The new load-bearing walls 30 cm thick, reinforced concrete slab coffins.


statically scaled reinforced concrete slab coffins, insulated, ventilated roof, matt, folded sheet metal coverage.


The attic first level of street facade will be preserved and will be renovated the existing cornice. The new façade surfaces, high-powered fiber cement cladding or roofing material of the same in folded sheet metal cladding appears. At the same time as the roof works , the entire renovation of the building facade will take place.


Standard and custom textured wooden windows with insulating glazing.


Existing stone stairs are in good condition, they will be just renovated. The new main staircase, between 3 - 4 - 5 floors made of reinforced concrete are statically sized and non-slip stone paneling.


The existing building has no elevator.A new elevator will be established in the main staircase, in relation with the open glassroof corridor.

Interior features

The floor in the bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, utility room, hall, living room are covered with ceramic tiles.

The side walls of the bathrooms and toilets are tiled at least until the height of the door.

The terraces, exterior corridors are covered with frost-proof, non-slip stones.

The bedrooms receive parquet flooring.

Common areas

Ceiling, Wall-Training

plaster, white wall paint

Floor coverings

ceramic / porcelain cover

Entrance building

VIDEO intercom system


Led lights are installed in the jointly owned parts. The common areas lighting works from a total separate electricity source and the operating costs will be cover by the all owners.


10 persons, machine house without new elevator will be installed.

Green Space

In the stone paved courtyard space, sidewalk kind paved surfaces is formed between the shared areas and stairs of the building (staircases, doorway) next to the building wall. On the remaining area of of the courtyard because there is no cellar underneath it, full green space will be built.

The planned green space size : 71 m2

Technical description

Doors and windows

Windows, patio doors: Front doors made of plastic profiles glazed insulated windows, patio doors 3 layer insulating glass, Roto NT or equivalent hinges, standard plastic handle.

Modern windows, insulated shutter preparation are made, ensuring the shutter later be installed.

Rolling shutters can be installed uniformly white. The flat, respectively. the building's ventilation system normal operation, ensuring the ideal humidity, fungus, to prevent mold growth in each room, sash, 1 non-lockable humidity sensitive air inlet is installed.

Front door: the entrance to the flats multiple locks, security, MABISZ-rated doors with hinges mounted.

Interior doors: MDF structure, painted in color (door panels etched pattern), silver aluminum handle. Interior doors are made without a threshold. The doors are fitted with rubber insulation, subsequently mounted case.

Ceramic tiles

Bathrooms, WC: The bathrooms and toilets sidewall height without door trim, paneling made from tiles, tile flooring in several colors and styles can be selected from among the products offered by us.

Tile wall cladding 4000 Ft / m2, Floor tiles 4500 Ft / m2

Corridors,common areas- living room, dining room and kitchen: Floor tiles 4500 Ft /m2

Balconies, loggias: non slip flooring.

Non-slip tiles : 4500 Ft /m2


The living rooms will be built in 31 wear-resistant 8 mm thick laminate flooring,in more colors and styles, flooring which can be selected from among the products offered by us.

Laminate flooring from 4000 Ft / m2.


Plastered surfaces in white emulsion paint.

Sanitary Fittings

Sink: Modern design white porcelain, chrome drain kit.

Bathtube: On the bathroom floor plan are marked the white steel plate bathtube sizes, ballast tiled walls and chrome drain kit will be installed.

WC: Modern white porcelain design, built tank.

Faucets: Chrome, single-lever wash basin and bath filler faucets are installed. The bathtub faucet handheld shower set fixed and wall bracket is provided, the installation of which is responsible the owner of the flat.

Washing machine connection: Flush water connection and cold water supply facility, placed as marked on the plan.

Dishwasher connection: For the kitchenware water supply combi valve will be placed through which washing machine water supply can be solved. The sewage disposal is possible through the combination sink siphon. (The siphon is not part from the technical content.)

Electricity network / Heavy- and light power

The housing includes separate electric measurement tools for each of 7 flats.The apartment comes with 1 intercom. For apartments the TV network star topology cabling is capable of Internet use also, and in each room 1-1 TV antenna connector area will be developed . The operation of the Internet and TV network is a prerequisite of a contract with the service provider. Each apartment 1 telephone connection piping and wiring is made. The number of electrical outlets in the dining area is 1, 4 pieces kitchen, rooms with 3-3 pieces in the bathroom washing machine and space for 1-1 shaving.The switches, fittings are designed in white coloured.

The terraces, balconies, wall or ceiling lights are made uniform in design, position according to plan.

Mechanical engineering

The apartments are self-contained domestic hot water production by a condensing gas boiler, radiators for heating are operating. The heating system is regulated in the living room, by a thermostat. For each of the apartments, the inside and outside air-conditioning wiring network is completed. But selection and installation of interior and/ or exterior units are optional and provided only for a plus fee.

Built-in furniture

The built-in furniture indicated on the floor plan, consider as an option, which can be provided only for a plus fee.

Election and change options

The floor plan and technical content changes inside the apartments it is possible from between the offered alternatives within the construction specific scheduling deadlines.

After the apartament conclusion of sales contract , the client is entired for a complete technical consultation, free of charge , within it is possible to ask for changes according to the individual needs, but respecting the schedule.

Building Construction phase: the location and direction of the opening interior doors; heavy- and light-current pit stops place; water and sewage pit stops location.

After reaching the state structure ready only the ceramic tiles- color, type , assignment; laminate flooring -color , type; interior doors color.

In addition, available upon special agreement more options, extras:

  • Consultations for individual needs

A separate agreement nor request at an additional cost changes:

  • facade or changes affecting the common area are not permitted
  • changes associated with modifying the actual building construction permit
  • Changing the front door
  • Changing the heating or ventilation system

The list is indicative and not exhaustive.

During the construction we reserve the right to change, as:

  • Technical Development
  • Building Instructions
  • New or revised standards and regulations
  • Building materials for the construction delayed deadline from the supply or change for more modern materials consequences
Size difference

The sizes visible on the floorplans were measured on unplaster, unpaved , rought brick walls or concrete structures. The plaster and cover materials will reduce the final sizes of the floorplans.