SKYVP – Sky Downtown Apartments

Our company group carried out the following investments in Budapest in the last 6 years:

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Now in a new area, in the 5-th district of Budapest, the heart of the capital, on the Veres Pálné street , we would like to use our knowledge that we have gained in the previous years by " recreating the roof " in 7 fabulous luxury flats. Our goal remains invariably to build / create a home for you, where you will feel like " coming home", and after the purchase as well you will be satisfied and also would increase our reputation too.


The U-shape courtyard apartments building which is the subject of this project was built in 1874-75 , basement +groundfloor + 3 floors.

According to the present plans on the roof level of the building should be implemented the new designed 7 flats.

In the street wing, 5 flats were designed , from which 4 are two-storey and one flat would be one storeyed.

In the courtyard wing, 2 flats of two-storey were designed.

During the process of design, IV, V and VI levels were created in the roof.

The flats sizes range from 66 to 114 square meters.

During the construction of the attic, the street and courtyard facades of the house, as well as the main staircase, the inner courtyard and the gates, will be renewed.

IV. floor

In the street wing, one flat of of one-storey and 3 flats of two-storey were designed , flats which can be reached through the open glassroof corridor via the expanded main staircase or via the new elevator.

On the first floor of the two-story flat - the arrival area, guest toilet and kitchen -dining-livingroom features are placed, while through the interior stairs can be reached the areas of bedrooms and baths placed on the upper floor.

V. floor

The 4 flats attic levels can be found here- the bedrooms areas, as well as the entrance/ first level of the no. 7 flat.

VI. floor

Because of the Veres Pálné no. 3 building common wall and the neighbor building increased ridge height was made possible the implementing of no. 7 flat second level , level placed on the reduced floor area of the 6th floor of the building, level where an open terrace, a gallery, a bedroom and a bathroom area were designed.


Veres Pálné street , the 5-th district (downtown of Budapest) is the heart of the capital and also could be named the Hungary administrative, office, commercial and tourist center.

Popular counts between people of all ages when it is about searching for a house , since from both point of view ( public transportation and / or by car ) is placed in a very favorable position.

Design: 3D Kreátor Iroda
Developer: Városmag VP5 Kft.